About Us

Organization of HIS WOMEN, Inc.

In the spring of 1985, several women in Cedar Rapids and Marion became concerned about reaching the women of this area for Jesus Christ.  About the middle of summer, they got together to pray about the direction they should go and to lay the ground work for starting this ministry.  The major organizational meeting was held September 19, 1985.  Romans 12:1-5 was the Scripture used that day and at every board meeting since then. Our purpose statement was adopted – Purpose: “To share with all women the love of Jesus Christ and the plan He has for our lives.”  The enthusiasm was contagious!  Thirty-five women came to the first meeting and agreed to help.  Many churches were represented.  The second meeting was held October 10, 1985.  Many women volunteered to serve on the needed committees.  From the very beginning, a oneness of mind was felt by the newly organized board.  We chose the name His Women, Inc.  The first day-long Seminar was held on April 15, 1986.  690 women attended.  The Lord has blessed His Women with excellent musicians and speakers.  The women who have been blessed and benefited have spread the word.  Women from many denominations serve on the board and many others help by selling tickets and publicizing the Seminar in their churches. The Seminar is open to all women and all are welcome to attend.